The new meaning of luxury.

Luxury has lost its “luxe.” If it isn’t so obvious to luxury brands, it is to the customers on which luxury brands’ future depends. The fact is as plain as the LV logo on a Louis Vuitton bag and many other ``luxury´´ branded and overpriced examples that no longer last before the next season starts.

“Many brands now offer a level of quality comparable to luxury brands.” That is music to the ears for the customers who can appreciate a “luxury for less”. People are striving for authenticity in an inauthentic world. Luxury is less about the brands themselves and more about enabling people to become more of who they really are.

“It’s all about what the brand can do for the customers, not about the brand itself,” That shifts the focus of luxury from what the brand is to help customers become more of who they are across a discreet style and labeling that empowers the customer through its “codes of timelessness, craftsmanship, and simplicity.”

Luxury brands are facing a crisis of meaning. The old meanings no longer apply, but many brands have yet to discover consumers’ new meaning in order to make themselves relevant within that context. Luxury brands are naturally value creators, the meaning or essence of the brand is expressed in a network of symbolic associations that create value for the customer.

We are moving away from the tangible aspects of personal luxury to the intangibles, instead, we are searching for, “the unique and personalized experiences that have the potential to better and transform our lives.”

This reflects a turn away from excess, rarity and opulence to discovering the luxurious meaning in everyday moments. People are looking for luxury as part of their daily lives, thanks to their growing affluence along with instant access to shopping via the internet. This desire is also fostered by the new, more diversified definitions of luxury beyond aspiration to have and to own.

Since fashion seasons, in general, are becoming less relevant and the fashion industry has to change due to new adaptations that our world and society needs after experiencing a pandemic that caused a positive consciousness in many ways. Consumers are finding meaning in new minimalism, where less really is more.

We are conscious about the value of real luxury in creating sustainable, slow fashion--long-lasting, timeless, and high-quality products produced in the most responsible way. Luxury customers will be able to live the life they want to live.