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We are a New York based brand who designs collections inspired by the modern individual; implement ethical craftsmanship, utilize sustainable and recycled materials, developing a new kind of luxury that seeks to slow the fashion cycle.

We are focused on inclusivity, season-less, uniqueness and timeless products that  increase the integrity of our fashion choices.




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A selection of modern works designed for the every-day needs.

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- Emerge in the Maxmouder world -
Video backstage by Ricardo X for Queen City Productions
Models: Carole Vitetta and Kody Onyiuke
Photographer Aspen Green
MUA Celeste Vanya
Designer Jesus Maxmouder

Watch the video
Watch the video

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The new meaning of luxury.

The new meaning of luxury. We are conscious about the value of real luxury in creating sustainable, slow fashion--long-lasting, timeless, and high-quality products produced in the most responsible way. Luxury customers will be able to live the life they want to live.

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Minimalism and Sustainability.

Minimalism and Sustainability.

We need to ask simple questions such as:
“Who made my clothes?” or “What does ‘sustainable’ mean to your brand?”     
We need the ‘story’ behind a garment to be complementary to the design and quality.

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Genderless fashion, the future is here.

Genderless fashion, the future is here. “When rules are broken collectively, communities transform into families. Like creativity, the scent has no nationality, gender, or creed. It speaks a universal language. It is the empathetic sentiment of solidarity through individuality.”

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