In this section you would find a guide to find your size based on our measurements.  
Since most of our clothing is oversize orientated, size inclusive or transformable...  
Please, have in mind if your selected item is a fitted or oversized garment - silhouette, stretchy or non stretch fabric to visualize garment construction and fitting.
USA 0 2 4 6-8 10-12 14-16 18
Shoulder inch 13.5 14 15 16 16.8 17 18
Chest inch 31.5 32.5 34 35.5 38 40.5 42.5
Waist inch 22.5 24.5 26 27.6 30 32.5 34.5
Hips inch  34 35.5 37 38.5 41 43.5 46
Sleeve length  22.5 23 23.5 24 24.5 25 25



USA 24 26 28 30-32 34 36 38
Shoulder inch 15.7 16 16.5 17 18 19 120
Chest inch 34.5 36 37.5 38.5 41 42.5 44
Waist inch 32.5 33 34 35 37.5 40 42
Hips inch  35 36 37 38 40 42 44
Sleeve length  22.5 23 23.5 24 24.7 25.5 26



For each item, as well as on our garment tickets, you will find information about the best care for your garments.

Here are some additional tips depending on the material used:

  • Cotton thanks to its hygroscopicity and morphology, garments manufactured with this fiber offer natural comfort and are pleasant to the touch, making it a suitable material for garments worn directly against the skin. It can be washed according to conventional methods, provided the dye and finishing allow, as indicated on the symbols and instructions found on the label.

  • Tencel and Cupro This is an artificial recycled fiber made of cellulose. It offers an exceptional combination of aspects: it is soft, strong, cool, absorbent and does not tend to pill. It doesn’t wrinkly easily, won’t shrink, and is easy to iron.

  • Wool a natural fiber, wool is highly moisture absorbent, making it flexible and providing powerful insulation properties and protection against the cold. Garments made of wool don’t wrinkle easily, are soft to the touch, warm and are suitable for fall and winter use. If pilling should occur, the balls may come off with ease. Keep in mind that wool shrinks and can become felted. It should therefore be hand-washed in cool water or dry-cleaned, while always following the wash care instructions on our label.

  • Polyester this is a highly resistant and versatile synthetic fiber with low moisture absorption and the possibility to carry a static charge. It is easy to care for, does not shrink when washed, does not wrinkle and is fast-drying, however it may show signs of pilling over time. If this occurs, you can cut away the pilling fibers.

  • Linen this natural fiber offers a pleasantly cool sensation, is resistant, inelastic and highly absorbent, which is why we often see it in our summer garments. We usually recommend hand-washing since this material tends to both shrink and wrinkle.

  • Silk and natural fiber with a very characteristic feel and shine. Good moisture absorption. It must not be washed in hot water, nor put on a spin cycle, meaning it should not be dried in a clothes dryer. We usually recommend dry-cleaning and be sure to place another fabric on top of it when ironing.

  • Down coats and puffer jackets both natural down garments and those made with synthetic fibers can be machine washed. We recommend turning the garment inside out and fastening the zippers and hook-and-loop strips. Properly drying the garment is essential to ensuring the feathers don’t clump. Can be machine dried.

  • Leather and suede for superficial cleaning, we recommend using a damp cloth. If your item requires more intensive cleaning, we recommend going to a specialist for these materials.

  • Prevent discoloration due to the dyeing processes we use, some of our garments may experience discoloring more than others. To let you know beforehand, we include informational WARNING tags on these garments.

  • Garments with decorative details, we recommend removing the detachable elements before washing, whenever possible.

  • Footwear and bags as basic advice for proper footwear and bag maintenance, we recommend you always store them after cleaning in a ventilated space and, when possible, with some sort of element to help them maintain their shape. If your item is made of leather, do not submerge it in water to clean it. If it has stubborn marks, please take it to a specialist.