Genderless fashion, the future is here.


Today, the world is a little different. While women have been comfortable wearing men’s clothes for decades, men also have fewer hesitations when it comes to buying and wearing women’s fashion.

We believe you should be comfortable with who you are and what you like; it does not matter if a piece is more feminine or was designed solely for women. It is great to see individuals feeling more secure with themselves in this new age, showing original style without being confined to gender norms.

Our goal as a gender-friendly brand with a contemporary identity is to help you experience timeless and versatile pieces that allow you to express your own individuality and style as a gender-neutral shopper.

At present, individuals are making a stand for inclusion, human rights, and justice; we are living in revolutionary, transformative times that are changing people’s minds and ways of interacting with the world. This touches on all aspects of our lives, including fashion. We hope this is a journey to help us discover a new sensuality, new sexuality, breaking down preconceived ideas of what’s masculine and what’s feminine. Let the evolution begin.

“When rules are broken collectively, communities transform into families. Like creativity, the scent has no nationality, gender, or creed. It speaks a universal language. It is the empathetic sentiment of solidarity through individuality.” - British Vogue