Minimalism and Sustainability.

Fashion, as a general rule, is trend-focused; whereas sustainability looks to longevity and extending the life cycle.

“Buy less and buy better”- Is the way of the minimalist, investing more in higher quality, timeless and unique pieces and supporting brands that manufacture in an ethical and sustainable way.

A big part of the environmental issue with our stuff is how much of it there is. Making a more conscious purchase that helps the environment is a wonderful way to reduce environmental impact.

Fast fashion empires have always been abrasively working under labor exploitation and polluting our ecosystem, turning a demanding consumerist fashion cycle offering a no lasting, massive, and repetitive low-quality clothing for cheap.

We can no longer ignore the environmental degradation and human rights abuses caused by the fashion industry—they are too grave, and due to greater transparency and media coverage, they are increasingly coming to light.

As a brand, we are embracing lower impact processes throughout the entire value chain. We would like to see all ‘consumers’ moving away from mindless consumption and becoming active change-makers—viewing each purchase as an act of voting and understanding the purchasing power we all possess.

We need to ask simple questions such as “Who made my clothes?” or “What does ‘sustainable’ mean to your brand?”

We need the ‘story’ behind a garment to be complementary to the design and quality.